Mechanical Efficiency Calculators

Mechanical systems, located deep within a building, are hidden energy users. Their dependability often means their efficiencies are often not questioned. Looking at how they operate and are being used can offer opportunities for cost savings.

Mechanical_Variable_Speed_Drive_Pumps.jpgVARIABLE SPEED DRIVES FOR PUMPS
Reducing a pump speed by 10% by adding a variable speed drive can result in a 30 percent reduction in energy used.
Mechanical_Motor_Drive_Belts.jpgMOTOR DRIVE BELTS
If you have a V-Belt driven device, a belt change-out may reduce your energy usage on that equipment by 3%.
Mechanical_Compressed_Air.jpgCOMPRESSED AIR
Compressed air can account of 10 percent of the electricity use in a plant. Simple steps can mean cost savings and reduced run time.

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