Loss Examples

Convenience Stores

Compressors on refrigeration and freezer display cases broke down. The convenience store had no backup equipment and had to wait five weeks for repairs.
Physical damage: $18,553
Business Interruption: $41,447
Total Paid Loss: $60,000

A voltage spike damaged a store's telephone system, printers and computer circuitry.
Total Paid Loss: $46,640

A store's air conditioning unit was damaged when compressor rods broke because of metal fatigue. A rental unit was used to keep the store open for business during repairs.
Physical Damage: $28,472
Extra Expense: $14,349
Total Paid Loss: $42,821

A computer was damaged by a power surge that came through data network lines. The store's owner had installed surge suppressors on electrical and communication lines, but not on the data lines.
Total Paid Loss: $30,800

A market's Freon® line in a central compressor system broke due to vibration, venting the refrigerant. The compressor breakdown caused spoilage of a freezer full of ice cream.
Total Paid Loss: $24,120

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