Equipment Exposures

Convenience Stores

Refrigeration equipment such as freezers and coolers are the mainstay of convenience stores. These locations also depend upon many other types of equipment. That includes reach-in coolers and refrigerated display cases, coffee makers, ice machines, microwaves, beverage and ice cream dispensers, and fast food equipment. A breakdown of refrigeration equipment or problems with the electrical system can dry up this high-volume business. No morning coffee? No sale, as customers leave to buy elsewhere. The risk of spoilage losses is high.

The competition between convenience stores is fierce, operating costs are rising, and unexpected losses can really hurt. Electrical problems can knock out cash registers, bar code readers, computerized inventory software, and automatic credit card and credit checking devices. Security and surveillance systems are also susceptible to power surges. So are the copy machines, fax machines, floral cases, and bottle return machines and hot food display cases many convenience stores operate.

Air conditioning and water heaters used for heat and hot water can break down when they are needed most. These systems contain a variety of expensive parts and it may cost extra to rush repairs and restore service.

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