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    For more information on Identity Recovery Coverage, call
    (800) 444-1917 or contact your Farmers & Mechanics Underwriter
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    If your policyholder thinks they might be a victim of identity theft,
    have them call: (800) 631-9015

    Identity Recovery Coverage combines identity theft insurance with services that help victims restore their credit history and identity records to pre-theft status.  These services include:  

    • Identity Recovery Services 
    • Identity Theft Help-Line 
    • Case Manager Service 
    • Expense Reimbursement Coverage 
  • Did you know? 
  • Do Hotel Key Cards Place You at Risk of Identity Theft?
    Most Sources Say, "No," Others Suggest it's Best to Destroy the Cards

    Do hotel key cards contain a guest's personal information? Can credit card numbers and other data be stolen off the magnetic cards and used for identity theft? Most sources say it's a myth, but you might feel safer if you destroy the cards.

    Urban Legend?
    The hotel industry and information technology specialists insist the notion is an urban legend. But some consumer activists still worry. They recount isolated incidents of personal information found by authorities on hotel key cards and claim that older card systems and systems in Europe may encode personal data.

    Theft, the old fashioned way!
    Another threat, they warn, is that large resorts may allow guests to purchase drinks, meals and other retail items at the complex with key cards. When a card is left in a hotel room at checkout, a dishonest person could use the card in the minutes or hours it takes to wipe the guest's name and authorization from the card. [Read More] 
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