Transformer Calculators

If you are replacing an older transformer, this calculator is designed to help you pick one that is most cost effective over the long term.

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Transformer #1 Transformer #2
Standard   Premium Efficiency
Size (in kVA) 300 kVA kVA
Original Price (in Dollars $0.00) $28,300 dollars dollars
No Load Losses(in watts) 750 watts watts
Load Losses at 100% load (in watts)   watts watts
Total Losses (in watts) If Load Losses are known leave this field blank watts watts
Approximate hours of operation /year
Continuous = 8760 hours
1 shift /day 5 days/wk = 2000 hours
6000 hours hours
Average load on Transformer in Percent
> "75" = 75% of full load
NOTE: if load is unknown, assume 50%
75% %
Local Utility Rate ($/kWh)