Electrical Efficiency Calculators

Taking a closer look at your electrical systems can help you reduce waste and reduce energy consumption. The Energy Information Agency states that commercial and industrial sectors used 2300 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2011. Just a few percent of savings could mean significant kilowatt hours and dollar savings.

Electrical_Motors.jpg ELECTRICAL MOTORS
Lower your electric bills by replacing older electrical motors with higher efficiency or variable frequency drive ones. The bigger the motor, the bigger the potential savings.
Electrical_Lighting_Upgrade.jpg LIGHTING UPGRADE
Lighting uses 40 to 60 percent of a building‘s power. Replacing older lights can reduce energy consumption, and lowers the cooling load.
Electrical_Power_Factor.jpg POWER FACTOR CORRECTION
A large number of motors can mean paying for power that you don‘t use. Increasing your power factor reduces the amount of apparent power and your energy costs.
Electrical_Vampire_Loads.jpg VAMPIRE LOADS
Office equipment uses electricity around the clock, even when not in use. Turning equipment off at night is an easy path to cost savings.
Electrical_Transformer.jpg TRANSFORMER
Older dry type transformers have efficiencies in the low 90th percentile. Replacing a 25 year old transformer with a modern high-efficiency one could increase efficiency to 98 percent or more. This can save a lot of energy, lowering operating costs.

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