"Quenticut" photo by Tom Brown. Reprinted with permission from The Hartford Courant.

HSB Sponsors "Quenticut"

At one time, Hartford was a thriving seaport, very much relying on the trade provided by the Connecticut River. Riverfront Recapture is a long-term project to restore the riverfront and again make it a vibrant attraction, by connecting the city with its riverfront.

HSB was one of funders for the statue by Clyde Lynds that graces Mortensen Riverfront Plaza. The statue is made of fiber optics, concrete, and steel. At night, the fiber optics display fish that mature in the ocean and return to the Connecticut River to spawn.

The name, which means the long tidal river. is the native American word for the Connecticut River. The river, which starts in Canada, runs 410 miles to empty into the Long Island Sound.

HSB's home office building on One State Street overlooks the riverfront and the statue, as you can see on this page.

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