Telecommunications Equipment — Advances in Technology Continue to Transform the Industry

Telecommunications equipment technology continues to rapidly expand. Telecom equipment has evolved from a simple device that conveyed voice over modest distances (telephony) to complex media that transfer voice and data worldwide. Telecom now uses analog and digital technology, and fiber-optical conductors. »more

Protecting Communication and Sensitive Electronic Equipment From Lightning and Voltage Surges


Heat and Power Problems are the Greatest Risks To Telecom Equipment

A telecommunications network is comprised of digital electronics. Today’s telephone switches are nothing more than expensive computers with sophisticated software that direct voice and data and provide features such as call waiting, caller ID and voice mail, and all the other features we have come to expect. »more

E-Business Face Unique Equipment Exposures

An e-business risk exists at any commercial business location that produces revenue based on transactions made through a public or private information network. The transactions involved in e-business can include retail sales, currency and securities trades, credit card charges, or information services. In most commercial contexts, an e-business involves an Internet Web site. »more


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