A Simple Timer Can Prevent Short Cycling in Cooling Systems

A leading cause of loss in air conditioning and refrigeration is compressor failure.  Because these failures occur during periods of peak usage, repairs are not only costly; they come at a time when parts and repair service may not be immediately available. Every year, Hartford Steam Boiler pays many claims for tens of thousands of dollars each because of compressor failures that inconvenience customers and interrupt business. The cause of many such failures is short cycling, meaning that the compressor is called back into operation after having been stopped for only a brief period of time. This results in the compressor starting against nearly full high side discharge pressure, causing severe loading of both mechanical and electrical elements of the compressor..»more

Ammonia Refrigeration in Cold Storage Facilities

The demand for convenience foods in the United States has resulted in the construction of millions of square feet of public and private cold storage facilities. With modern rack storage, it is not unusual to find product values in excess of $10 million stored at one facility. For large cold storage facilities, ammonia has become the refrigerant of choice. »more

Help Your Air Conditioning System Beat the Heat This Summer

It happens every year. Warmer weather brings a sharp increase in air conditioning breakdowns as equipment is started up without proper maintenance. There are many factors that can lead to an air conditioning breakdown, but a dirty condenser or poor quality lubrication can significantly increase the chances of a problem. Neglected maintenance also can decrease system performance.»more

The Key to Avoiding Costly Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Failures is Proper Maintenance and Effective Protection

The breakdown of hermetic air conditioning and refrigeration equipment continues to be a leading cause of loss for businesses and institutions. To make matters worse, the design and location of equipment drives up the cost of repairs and increases the potential for expensive business interruption losses. »more

Reducing Spoilage Risks in Perishable Goods Storage

What can the operators of commercial cold storage facilities and supermarkets do to prevent the headaches and expense associated with spoilage? No single step or process improvement will, by itself, prevent spoilage of product. Rather, success depends on the application of several loss prevention measures. »more

Recommended Accident Prevention Procedures for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment

Here are some recommended maintenance steps to help improve the operation and reliability of your equipment.»more

Proper Air Flow in Surgery: Protects Patients and The Bottom Line (HVAC)

Equipment breakdowns during surgery can directly affect the health of patients and force the shutdown of a hospital’s entire surgical suite. Without reliable surgical capabilities, a hospital’s emergency room may shut down, causing elective surgeries to be postponed or performed at other hospitals. In-house patients may have to be transferred to competing hospitals. And the media attention brought on by the closing of a hospital’s surgical suite and lingering concerns about reliability issues also can lose future business to other hospitals.»more

Loss of Refrigeration - It Could Spoil Your Day


How Will Your Air Conditioning Perform This Summer?

Poor maintenance is a primary reason for many air conditioning breakdowns. This is especially true prior to starting up air conditioning units for the first time in the cooling season and during heavy use in the hotter months. Here are nine maintenance tips for smaller hermetically sealed units that you can use to help avoid costly breakdowns.»more

Poor Lighting, Sloppy Storage Result in Chiller Breakdown

Since air conditioning was extremely important to its business, a large department store had frequent scheduled maintenance performed on its equipment. A contractor spent a week completely tearing down the sole 450-ton centrifugal three-stage semi-hermetic chiller, checking tolerances, replacing bearings, oil, Freon®, and completing other required maintenance. Then the unit completely seized up just 45 minutes after restarting. »more


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