STRAP — A New Risk-Based Analysis Tool For Steam Turbine Decision Making, Part 1

[Editors Note: STRAP risk ranking, program testing and conclusions follow in Part 2 of this article.] »more

STRAP — A New Risk-Based Analysis Tool for Steam Turbine Decision Making, Part 2

[Editors Note: Part 1 of this article discussed the development of the STRAP program. This article concludes with risk comparison, testing and a summary of benefits.] »more

Loss Migration Action Plans: Preparations For The Loss of Essential Services and Guidelines for Restarting Equipment

Editor’s Note: The Gulf Coast hurricanes in 2005 caused devastating losses of life and property. These disasters focused renewed attention on emergency planning and recovery procedures. That includes equipment operation, which is vital to the protection and recovery of a business and the public in the event of an unexpected calamity. The information in this article has been updated and expanded since it was originally published in The Locomotive. With today’s economic pressures and security concerns, a loss mitigation action plan is more important than ever.»more

Copper Deposits On Turbine Blades: A Copper-Plated Thief

Once viewed as an isolated problem, the number of utilities reporting copper deposits on turbine blades is growing rapidly. It’s not completely understood why the deposits accumulate, but the consequences are clear — the contamination can rob generating units of significant amounts of capacity, may lead to costly repairs and can shut down a unit for several weeks. »more

When Should You Do Your Next Major Turbine Outage?

How can you decide and justify the right time between major outages for steam turbine generators? A proven approach is to have your steam turbines and generators analyzed by Hartford Steam Boiler's proprietary risk-based programs. TOOP (Turbine Outage Optimization Program) and STRAP (»more

When Failure Analysis of Broken Parts Is Not Enough

Hartford Steam Boiler paid $600,000 as part of steam turbine claim because the inspections and investigative work after a failure did not find all of the broken parts. In this particular incident, the last blade stage of the low-pressure turbine encountered a water induction incident as a result of a high condenser hotwell level. The turbine blades were fastened by tie wires and some of the blades and tie wires were damaged during the incident.»more


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