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  • DC image woman  Data Compromise coverage is a type of insurance that provides a suite of coverages and services that enables an insured church to respond effectively when personal information in the insured’s care, custody or control has been lost, stolen or inadvertently published. The coverage can also provide service to those affected by the breach such as informational materials, toll free help-line, one year of credit monitoring and identity restoration case management services. [Learn more]
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    Data Breaches Reach Record Levels

    computer disks Data breaches are exposing more personal information than ever before. Watch groups report that tens of millions of records are compromised annually. They warn that businesses, including churches, should be more proactive in protecting personal information, such as the credit card numbers they keep on employees, parishoners and others. Once a data breach occurs, it can be expensive and tarnish a church's reputation.

    A coalition of business, security and government agencies offers tips and related links to help protect personal data from identity theft and fraud. Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company offers a Data Compromise program to help churches respond to a breach of personal information. 
  • Loss Examples 

    Four computers were taken from a Baptist church, and one had personal information on current and former Baptist school employees. The theft exposed names, addresses and Social Security numbers. 

    A youth pastor misplaced his tablet computer containing medical information of youth group members while on a mission trip, never to be found. 

  • eRiskHub® 

    As part of our Data Compromise coverage, all insureds have access to a data breach risk management portal called eRiskHub®. This complementary portal is designed to help insureds understand data information exposures, help plan and be prepared for a data breach, and establish a response plan to manage the costs and minimize the effects of a data breach: eRiskHub® 

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