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    Equipment Breakdown 

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  • Did you know? 
  • Today's Equipment Exposures Go Way Beyond the Boiler
    Help Your Customers Understand Why They Need Breakdown Coverage

    ChurchWhen a client says, "But, I don't have a boiler," ask them how their business would operate if the electrical system broke down, an air conditioning compressor seized, or a power surge damaged retail point-of-sale systems and other electronics.

    Protecting The Bottom Line
    Without equipment breakdown coverage, a business can face a big repair bill, lose income, and its customers. 

    The World Has Changed
    "Boiler and machinery" coverage is an outdated term replaced years ago with equipment breakdown insurance. Still, many people don't realize how much today's equipment has changed, and how we have responded with innovative coverage and services.  [Read More] 

  • Need an Inspection? Call the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Hotline.

    Hartford Steam Boiler makes jurisdictional inspections a built-in benefit of our Equipment Breakdown coverage. Hartford Steam Boiler maintains a nationwide network of inspectors who complete more than 500,000 inspections each year. HSB customers can call our Inspection Hotline toll free, at 1-800-333-4677 (1-800-333-INSP).  [Learn More]  

  • Loss Examples 

    Religious Institutions- A power surge ruined components in two video projectors used to transmit religious services throughout a church complex, resulting in a total paid loss of $86,392.
    [More Loss Examples] 

    Claims Service- what to do in the event of a claim 

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