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  • Help Your Customers Avoid a Costly Surprise with Service Line Coverage for Homeowners

    New Policy Enhancement Fills Gap 

    DiggerWe are now offering a new coverage which can pay to repair underground outdoor water, sewer and electrical service lines that fail because of perils typically excluded under most homeowners policies.

    With this coverage now included in our homeowners policies, you can protect your customers more completely and set yourself apart from the competition.

    Exposure Can Be a Surprise

    “Most homeowners are not aware that they own outdoor service lines and are responsible for repairs,” said Foster Sirbaugh, President/CEO. “And if there’s an underground leak or break, it comes as a very unpleasant surprise when they must pay for repairs that can total $4,000 or more."

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  • Loss and Coverage Scenario 
    Scenario: An old sewer pipe running under the driveway deteriorates and breaks under the driveway which needs to be dug up to access the pipe. The total cost of repairs is $7,800.
    Coverage: Coverage is afforded to excavate and replace the damaged segment and repair the driveway. 
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