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  • Farmers Work Hard, So Does Their Equipment
    High-Tech Tools Increase Breakdown Exposures

    Farms have changed, and so have the risks. From large crop farms to small vineyards, EBFO rotating imagesranches and orchards, traditional farm equipment still gets plenty of hard use. But with fewer farmers working more acres, they rely heavily on modern technology to improve efficiency and output. Precision farming techniques and today’s complex, computer-controlled equipment significantly increase exposures. Are you keeping your farm clients up to date with equipment breakdown coverage? 

    There are about 2 million farms in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Most of them are still family run, but farmers work three and half times more land compared with a century ago. To compete in a global market, they use computers to analyze soil and weather as they plant, water and fertilize fields. Cows wear electronic collars linked to systems that track milk output and adjust their feed. 

    With computers now common on farms, information technology plays an important part in production. Sensitive electronic circuits are susceptible to damage from power surges - the No. 1 cause of equipment loss. Add in all the mechanical equipment it takes to run a farm and equipment breakdown is a risk they can’t afford. That’s why your clients need equipment breakdown insurance. Today, more than ever, the risk of breakdown is real. [Read More] 

  • Loss Examples 

    Crop Farm - The rotor in a seed bagger broke due to rocks being ingested into the machine. The cost to repair was $16,990.

    Dairy Farm - A deep well pump was used to supply water to a milk chiller tank. When the windings of this 30hp motor shorted out due to internal failure, the cost was $10,200 to repair. 

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