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    Identity Recovery Coverage
    for Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners and Farmowners 
  • For more information, please contact Farmers Mutual at: (800) 545-7806.
    If you think you are a victim of identity theft, please call: (800) 945-9313.

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    Identity Recovery Coverage for Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners and Farmowners combines identity theft insurance with services that help victims restore their credit history and identity records to pre-theft status.  These services include:  

    • Identity Recovery Services 
    • Identity Theft Help-Line 
    • Case Manager Service 
    • Expense Reimbursement Coverage 
  • Did you know? 
  • Data Thieves Target Smart Phones to Steal Personal Information
    Mobile Web increases risk of data breaches

    Smart phones are the new battleground for identity theft and fraud, security experts are warning, as businesses and consumers increasingly use mobile devices to transmit sensitive personal information over less secure wireless networks.

    Criminals follow the ”smart” money
    "With the explosion of smart phones, people are sending more private information over the mobile Web for business, shopping, banking and other applications,” said Mark MacGougan, HSB vice president for identity theft and data breach programs. ”Hackers and criminals are following the money and scheming to steal that personal data.”
    [
  • Marketing Tools 
    Identity Recovery 101: Printable document on Identity Recovery basics and loss examples.

    Identity Theft Brochure: Explains identity theft risks, product features and benefits. 

    Quick Reference Guide: Explains the need for insurance, covered services and expenses. 

    Point-of-Sale Sheet: Explains the product, need and value, and positions and differentiates your company. 

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