Home Systems Protection

Now there’s a way to give your clients more than the traditional homeowner policy. It’s a coverage that can respond even without a catastrophic loss. And it comes with a suite of online tools that can actually help your clients save on their energy bill.

This toolkit contains everything you’ll need to offer this coverage to your homeowners. So why not take a few minutes to explore what’s here? You’ll quickly learn about the coverage and the free homeowner site.

Be the first to offer this coverage every homeowner needs.

What's the coverage?

Homeowners depend on the comfort, convenience and security their home systems and equipment provide. Most assume they’re protected by insurance, warranties or service contracts on this equipment. But, chances are they’re not. And a breakdown can cost the homeowner several thousands of dollars or more.

With Home Systems Protection, your customer will be covered for a wide range of equipment, including loss of use and related spoilage losses. In addition to critical systems like central air conditioning units and electrical panels, home equipment can also include personal property like appliances, computers and even televisions. Click on the links below for some typical loss examples.



Loss Examples

A hot water heating system’s water control valve failed mechanically, allowing water to escape and cause damage to the home. The piping system and valve required replacement and repair.Total Loss: $2,871

What's MyHomeWorks™?

MyHomeWorks™ is a free website homeowners can use to protect their home’s contents, improve efficiency and save money. Complimentary access includes:

  • My Tech Support is a personal computing “help desk” for the home, providing technical expertise year-round. From devices and networks to parental controls, support for the entire digital domain is provided.

  • Insure My Property provides brief explanations of common home systems, equipment and underground utility line risks, tips to reduce them and examples of paid claims.

  • My Efficiency Center is a go-to resource for selecting, using and maintaining home systems for optimal efficiency.

  • My Home Tour is an interactive way to find energy and money saving opportunities in every room of the house.

Simply provide this link to your customers:


Tell your clients about it

Put yourself ahead of the competition. Your customers count on you to keep them protected against today’s risks and challenges. The risks are higher than ever, because today’s homes have more equipment and sensitive technology. With Home Systems Protection coverage you can offer your customers affordable protection and tools to help them easily save more than they spend on this important coverage.

Click below for sample messages you can use with your insureds. Copy and paste them into emails or proposals, and tell them about this coverage and more.

Protect Your Home’s Equipment

When home equipment repairs are needed, the service call alone can be $100 or more. Consider our homeowner’s equipment breakdown coverage, Home Systems Protection. It can cover the cost of the service call and the actual cost to repair or replace the system when it accidentally breaks down.

Get started now

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2.Click on this link: https://www.myhomeworks.com/mhw/bedfordgrange and try MyHomeWorks™ for yourself.
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