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  • Agents Can Profit When Insurers Add Homeowners Equipment Breakdown
    "Yes, You're Covered," It's a Powerful Message that Helps You Compete 

    When the furnace broke down in a family's home, the owners asked their insurance agent and property carrier for help. Did they have coverage? Would it pay for part of the repairs? Yes, the owners were told, the loss was covered. The company offers a new benefit in its policies - homeowners equipment breakdown. 

    Unlike most homeowners coverage which excludes equipment breakdowns, the insurer added HSB's Homeowners Equipment Breakdown program. Since the heat exchanger had cracked due to metal fatigue, the equipment breakdown coverage paid $4,808 to replace the furnace with a heat pump. 

    HSB makes it easy to add the coverage. For pennies a day, homeowners get protection against the breakdown of key equipment. HSB recently paid $709 after the homeowners deductible to help repair a home's central air conditioning compressor; $150 for a cracked water heater; $274 for another water heater with a broken valve.  [Read More] 

  • Loss Examples 

    Walk-in Refrigerator - a walk-in refrigerator suffered mechanical breakdown due to a broken compressor crank. Repair cost: $2,000.

    Pool Heater - An outward flow switch on a pool heater failed to open properly, causing the pool heater to overheat. This required it to be completely replaced, for a cost of $2,340.
    [More Loss Examples] 

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