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  • Inspector Helps Church Save On Fuel Bills
    Church during autumn
    A church changed its plans when replacing a boiler to heat its facilities, heeding the suggestion of a Hartford Steam Boiler inspector whose advice helped the congregation cut its heating oil bills almost in half.

    A Better Plan
    Church leaders intended to replace the heating boiler with a similar unit. During the planning process, the HSB inspector suggested that they reevaluate their facility and take another look at the heating system installation. It was discovered that efficiency could be improved by insulating bare hot water piping and zoning specific areas such as offices, worship area and meeting rooms. Instead of replacing the boiler with a similar unit, it was decided that multiple boilers would be more effective. 

    Less Expense
    Although the cost for the project was more than initially projected, the new heating system had lower operating expenses. Following installation, fuel bills were reduced and all areas of the church received enough heat. The HSB inspector’s suggestion paid off for the congregation. 

  • Loss Examples 

    A church's cast iron boiler suddenly broke down when a section overheated due to a low-water level. Temporary repairs were made to supply the church with heat until a new boiler could be installed, fifteen days later. The total paid loss was $12,266.

    A church, school and rectory lost heat and hot water when the steam drum on the cast iron boiler cracked. The breakdown was discovered over a holiday weekend, but a rental boiler had to be located as soon as possible. The extra expense for the rental boiler was $12,580. The total paid loss was $28,197.

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